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Yame Bamboo Crafts

Yame is known for producing durable, long-lasting bamboo crafts. Baskets used in tea-picking live on as part of everyday life.


◇120 ways to weave bamboo


Yame’s bamboo crafts are used as common implements in everyday life. The bamboo is woven in various ways depending on the type of application. Basic weaves include square, hexagonal and octagonal patterns, as well as net, mat and rope plaiting. These various weaving styles can be combined to create diverse decorative patterns. Letters and three-dimensional shapes can also be woven, or different-coloured bamboo combined, to create various forms for use in building materials or lighting fixtures.

八女伝統工芸館 竹細工 〜Bamboo work of Yame〜

八女伝統工芸館 竹細工 〜Bamboo work of Yame〜

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