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Traditional Crafts of Yame

The history of Yame is the long process with traditional crafts of Yame.

In the Edo era, The commerce and industry including hand labor were flourished. Yame-Fukushima Town was made by a craftsman or merchants gathered as rural districts town (center of the commerce and industry of the farm village area). And a feature of that time is still left as cityscape of the white wall. In this way, in traditional cityscape, it is the splendor of Yame that the skill of the craftsman was still respected.

Yame Fukushima Buddhist Altars

Yame Lanterns

Yame Stone Garden Lanterns

Yame Handmade Japanese Paper

Yame Bamboo Crafts

Yame Japanese Top

Yame Arrows

Yame Bamboo Screens

Wooden Tubs

Festival Dolls

[ENG] Promotion Video of Yame City (1/5) - Craftsmanship

[ENG] Promotion Video of Yame City (1/5) - Craftsmanship

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