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Traditional Crafts of Yame

The history of Yame is the long process with traditional crafts of Yame.

In the Edo era, The commerce and industry including hand labor were flourished. Yame-Fukushima Town was made by a craftsman or merchants gathered as rural districts town (center of the commerce and industry of the farm village area). And a feature of that time is still left as cityscape of the white wall. In this way, in traditional cityscape, it is the splendor of Yame that the skill of the craftsman was still respected.

Yame Traditionl Crafts Center

Many kinds of traditional crafts of Yame including Yame Fukushima Buddhist Altars and Yame Lanterns which are poured the skill and the heart of the craftsmen into are displayed and sold in the center.

The craftsman of Buddhist altars and Bamboo crafts demonstrates their work regularly, and you can watch the delicate production site close.

2-123-2 Motomachi, Yame  0943-22-3131

Hours:9:00〜17:00  Closed:Monday(open if public holiday),New Years holidays

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